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What is Youth to You ?

The name, DXYouth, is a combination of ‘DX’ and ‘You’, which DX represents De’Xandra, X which is also a symbol that means kiss, as the scent is made with love in mind. DX Youth also represents a hope or aspiration to the future with scents that better represent the younger generation.

Unlike the earlier De’Xandra perfumes that are enclosed in formal, sleek black-or-white bottles, the DX Youth fragrances are colorful, curved, and funky, fitting its fragrances unique identity..

The first offering of the DX Youth line is an array of body mists in five different styles and colors. Each represented by our own homegrown stars. See who they are!


A breakout movie star at 5, a business mogul at 15! Mia Sara paved her own way to success. No matter what life throws her way, she stays positive. No wonder her current character is a money savvy schoolgirl.


Our young princess here is also an alumni of a singing competition who is now making waves as a teen actress. 

You might have known her as Nina from the gender-bending movie “Kasut Bola Pink” and also as one of the first batch of the Mouseketeers Club in Disney Malaysia.

By the way do you know that she loves math? Well you can count me in your fan club anytime!


Another guitar-playing gal in our list, Kashika takes it one step further and joins a reality singing competition on TV. And she won at 10 years old! Never too young to start anything. In between her shows and TV appearances, she makes fun videos in her YT channel.  


Another songbird in our list. When she was 11 she snagged the Bintang Kecil title and this year at 14 she won first runner up for Megastar. 

What else will she conquer next year? One can only guess. Meanwhile follow the girl as she makes wacky videos on Tiktok.

Kon Wen Wei 

How old is she again...seventeen? With her own song? This lovely girl plays to her own tune. Literally and figuratively. Like, she plays her own guitar too! But if you’re enamoured with her, shhh! She’s taken!

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